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Parent/Guardian(s) MUST provide access and clearance to:

__The Student/Athlete’s Class Schedule

__The Student/Athlete’s E-Class Parental access code

__The Student/Athlete’s Transcript

__Clearance to schedule visits to the Student/Athlete’s School

__Mandatory Weekly Academic Webinars (25-30 minutes) –

    this commitment is vital to academic success.


Making expectations clear is important, especially for average- to lower-functioning students who may not always take the initiative regarding their work or know how to aim for those goals without any guidance.

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How to Request a Transcript:
Complete the downloadable records request form above.

  • Your complete name at the time you attended a Gwinnett school (maiden name, if applicable).

  • Your date of birth.

  • The last Gwinnett County Public School you attended.

  • The last year you attended a Gwinnett County school or your graduation date.

  • Your daytime phone number.

  • An address to which the transcript should be mailed, if applicable.

  • Your signature MUST appear on the records request form. For students under age 18, a parent or guardian must sign the form.

  • A copy of your official photo ID.

  • Please include the $5 fee per transcript requested.

  • NOTE: We accept cash or money orders.

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